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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Playoff Edition



    Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Playoff Edition
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    The Bears are going to the NFC Championship game thanks to spectacular play by several individuals.

    Grizzly Bears -- the Bears who snatched that bird out of the air:

    Jay Cutler:
    In his first postseason game since high school, Cutler had no problem handling the pressure. He made smart decisions, showed leadership on the field and was responsible for four touchdowns, 317 total yards and zero interceptions.

    Greg Olsen
    : Remember him? Cutler's BFF hasn't been called on many times this season. Apparently, he was being saved for the postseason, as he caught for 113 yards and a touchdown. Veteran safety Lawyer Milloy had no hope of stopping Olsen as he scored on the first possession, setting the tone for the game.

    Charles Tillman: "Peanut" gave up four inches and 35 lbs. to Mike Williams, but still stopped him throughout the game. In Williams' last game against the Bears, he had 123 yards. On Sunday, he had 15. Tillman finished the game with two tackles and three broken-up passes.

    Corey Graham
    : Special teams players rarely get recognition or accolades, but few players make jaw-dropping stops like Corey Graham. Twice, he paired up with punter Brad Maynard to pin the Seahawks on the one-yard line.

    Teddy Bears
    -- the players who were lost among the Seattle sound:

    The Fourth-Quarter Bears: Yeah, we know that the game was pretty much won by the end of the first half, but that was true for the Packers in their win over the Falcons too. Green Bay didn't allow three garbage-time touchdowns. They didn't pull out a high-risk, low-reward trick play that resulted in Matt Forte throwing an interception. They didn't give up dumb penalties.

    You won, and that was great. But to beat the Packers, you need to play four quarters of football.