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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Bears vs. Lions



    Grizzly Bears -- the ones who walked a pride of Lions unscathed:

    Earl Bennett
    : He was inactive for the first game against the Lions, so Bennett had to make up for lost time. He did that by putting together the first 100+ yard game of his career, grabbing seven catches for 104 yards. Bennett distinguished himself not just by making the catches, but also for fighting for yardage on every play.

    Chester Taylor: Talk about a turnaround. Last week against the Eagles, Taylor had negative yardage. This week, he picked up 33 yards in crucial situations, including an end-around touchdown run that tied up the game after one quarter.

    D.J. Moore
    : The cornerback is listed at 5-foot-9, 183 lbs., and that's generous. Still, he worked with Brian Urlacher to take out the 6-foot-3 Drew Stanton for a key sack. On the same series, Moore took out the Lions 6-foot-5 tight end Tony Scheffler, stopping the Lions from making a comeback run after the two-minute warning.

    Brian Urlacher: Old man linebacker had one of his best games this season, making nine tackles and assisting on eight more, giving him 17 tackles. He also helped Moore out on a key sack.

    Teddy Bears -- the ones who were mauled by Lions:

    Devin Hester: Everyone's favorite kick returner was bottled up by the Lions all day. He only made one catch on offense, and when he did break free to pick up yardage on a punt return, he was kept from getting a touchdown by the Lions punter. The punter!

    Lance Briggs: Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't keep statistics for missed tackles, so we don't have a count of how many Lions slipped through Briggs' hands. The number would have been staggering. It was an odd bad day for the linebacker, and hopefully, it will be a one-time occurrence.