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Giant Gameplan: Don't Kick to Hester



    Giant Gameplan: Don't Kick to Hester
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    Devin Hester

    He must be scared.

    Giantscoach Tom Coughlin has a simple solution to avoiding Devin Hester's rejuvenated punt return abilities: Don't kick it to him.

    This Sunday, the Giants plan to punt the ball out of bounds to avoid the speed burner.

    It's a smart move when you look at Hester's return statistics so far this season.

    Besides scoring an electrifying punt return touchdown against the Packers, he has 110 yards in returns. With a renewed emphasis on north-south running, he could eke out a few more yards on each return. It's no wonder that this scares the Giants.

    Plus, Coughlin has history with Hester. The ridiculous speedster returned a missed field goal 108 yards for a TD back in 2006. Yikes.

    Hester has as many return yards as he has receiving yards, highlighting the fact that receiving is only one of his duties. With Hester's return abilities up to par, the pressure will be Johnny Knox to be the Bears' top receiver. He has filled that role well up until this point. We'll see Sunday how he continues to handle it.

    The one thing we won't see on Sunday? The Giants punting the ball straight to Devin Hester.