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Grab a Slice of Peppers Pie



    Grab a Slice of Peppers Pie

    You want a piece of No. 90? You want to tear into Julius Peppers? Here's your chance.

    Bricks Chicago, an Old Town pizza place, is offering the Julius Peppers pizza, a spicy concoction made in honor of the defensive end.

    The pizza features pepperoni, roasted red peppers, banana peppers and jalapeno peppers. With that combination, it may become the official pizza of Grizzly Detail headquarters.

    “At Bricks, we like to play around with flavors and names,” says Bricks chef and owner Bill Brandt, “so it was an easy decision to name a pizza after not only one of the best players for the Chicago Bears, but also in the NFL.”

    This isn't the only pizza on the Bricks menu that honors a Chicago gridiron great. They also offer the Ditka, a pizza that offers "all the meat." All of it.

    Let's hope they don't make a Lovie Smith Pizza. It would be a mediocre dinner, and though you'd hope it would get better, no bites would really satisfy.