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Five Questions Remain After the Draft



    The draft was one week ago, and though the Bears answered many questions through their picks, some still remain.

    Who is the second quarterback? During training camp last season, Caleb Hanie was the clear No. 2 QB, but then he was injured. The Bears picked up Todd Collins, whose tenure in Chicago was nothing short of a disaster. Hanie did a much better job filling in for Jay Cutler during the playoff game against Green Bay, but the Bears wanted insurance. They drafted Idaho QB Nathan Enderle, and offensive coordinator Mike Martz said the number two job is up for grabs.

    Do the Bears still need a wide receiver? Were you one of the Bears fans who wanted a big-name wide receiver in the draft? You're not alone, but the Bears opted to shore up their lines in the draft. No wide receiver was drafted. Though Jerry Angelo said that every position except for QB is open for free agency, the Bears appear to be committed to developing the receivers they have.

    Do the Bears owe the Ravens anything for the trade confusion? No. The Bears were in the wrong and screwed up the trade, but they did nothing malicious in not calling in the trade. In the end, both teams got their man. Though the Ravens whined about it throughout the weekend, the Bears are not require to give them anything. Not only that, they had a great draft.

    Is Jerry Angelo getting better at drafts?
    He's been with the Bears for 10 seasons, so it's a good time to take stock of his drafting prowess. At best, he's batting .500. For every Lance Briggs and Johnny Knox, there's a Rex Grossman and Dan Bazuin. Angelo is skilled at finding diamonds in the rough, but hasn't been as good at the early rounds. This year's draft shows that the tide may have changed, but it's too early to tell if Gabe Carimi and Stephen Paea are the draft gems they appear to be.

    How will the Bears approach free agency? The Bears have two tasks once (when? if?) free agency begins. First, they must decide who to hold onto of the current team. Olin Kreutz, Danieal Manning, Caleb Hanie, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Nick Roach and Corey Graham are all free agents, so Chicago has tough decisions to make who to keep and who to let go. Next, they have to decide who to pursue in the open market. Those decisions won't be as difficult as the market is shallow and the Bears already scored a coup last summer with Julius Peppers.