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Five More Reasons Why We're Sour on Cheeseheads



    Five More Reasons Why We're Sour on Cheeseheads
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    Ugly Packers fan. Is that redundant?

    The undefeated Chicago Bears have a ton at stake when they play the the Green Bay Packers Monday night. But who are we kidding? It would be a huge game if both teams were 0-2. Bears fans despise the Packers. Here's a few reminders why:

    Brett Favre: Sure, he hasn't been with the Packers for three seasons, but we had to put up with him in that ugly green and gold uniform for 16 years. Not only did he often beat the pants off the Bears on the football field, but every off-season, the news is saturated by coverage of the old man's decision on retirement. This all started with the Packers mishandling the end of Favre's tenure in Green Bay.

    Lambeau Field: We've heard. It's the Frozen Tundra. It's the crown jewel of the National Football League. It's also the only interesting thing in the entire city.

    Cheeseheads: Are Packer-fans so hard up for an identity that the only thing they can come up with is an agricultural byproduct?

    Vince Lombardi: The greatest football coach who ever lived is George Halas, not some bespectacled man featured in a Broadway show. That is all.

    Charles Martin: He is the Packer who ended Jim McMahon's season in 1986 with a vicious hit. This put a dagger in any hopes the Bears had of getting back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Martin started the game with the numbers of several Bears written on his towel, signaling a bounty was on McMahon and Walter Payton's head. The hit on McMahon was so well-known that it was mentioned in Martin's eulogy