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Eerie Similarities Between Favre and Cutler



    Eerie Similarities Between Favre and Cutler

    Brett Favre sees a little bit of himself in Jay Cutler.

    "When you have a big arm, you feel like you can throw it through any coverage," Favre said Wednesday when asked about the comparison. "You see some of that in [Cutler]."

    "Some" doesn't begin to explain. You'd be surprised to know just how similar Favre and Cutler are. Take a look at the stats.

    • Favre's  career quarterback rating is 86.3 while Cutler's is 84.1.
    • Both average 239 yards per game and have a completion rate that hovers around 62 percent.
    • Both are known to take chances which either work out or fail spectacularly.
    • They've both scored touchdowns from 90-plus yards.
    • Favre leads the league in both touchdown passes and interceptions.
    • Last season, Cutler led the league in interceptions, and was in the top ten of the league for touchdowns.

    The similarities continue off the field. Both have been open to plenty of tabloid fodder, as Cutler is dating reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, while Favre is being investigated by the NFL for a lack of sexiness and tact. Both also left the teams where they made their name after spats with the management.

    Favre and Cutler are members of an elite group. They both have arms powerful enough to make big plays. Favre's abilities won him a Super Bowl. Will Cutler continue to pattern himself after Favre and bring the Bears to the promised land?