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Eagles Despondent, Delusional After Loss to Bears



    The Bears did more than beat the Eagles on the playing field on Sunday.

    Judging by the comments and actions of their players after the game, the Bears broke their spirit, after the 31-26 beatdown that included four sacks, four forced fumbles and Michael Vick's first interception in years.

    As reporters poured into the Philadelphia locker room, DeSean Jackson -- who had just two catches and as many drops -- didn't talk to the media.

    Like a teenager still angry about being grounded, Jackson alternated between hiding his face with his hands and a towel. Coach Andy Reid allegedly chewed him out for the performance.

    A pep talk from Vick didn't help, and Jackson kept sulking.

    Other Eagles joined the party. Some continued to insist that they were the better team. O-lineman Jason Peter said that they "let the game get away." Dimitri Patterson said the Bears were "playing it safe."

    The Eagles are going to need therapy after this game. Because Grizzly Detail is just here to help, we want to point out the importance of accepting reality. Yes, Eagles, that really did happen. Jason Peter? You really did allow your QB to get manhandled. Dimitri? You really did get beat in the endzone by Greg Olsen. Eagles, you really did let Matt Forte run for 117 and Jay Cutler throw for 247 yards.

    Accepting it is the first step. Best wishes on your road to recovery.