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Eagles' Babin Complains About Legal Play



    The Bears game with the Eagles was over Monday night, but that doesn't mean Eagles defensive end Jason Babin is done chirping at the Bears. He took to his Twitter account to complain about the Bears' blocking during the Chicago win.

    Watched the @Bears tape today, would like to put hands on the OC, he is a chicken shit. I really hope Lovie didn't approve the crack block. 

    He was referring to play where the Bears use tight end Kellen Davis in motion to keep defensive ends at bay so that Jay Cutler can roll out of the pocket. It was successful against Philadelphia, as Cutler was more mobile than he has been in other games. It's completely legal and employed by every team in the league. Babin wasn't angry about the play until he watched it on tape. The OC he is referring to is offensive coordinator Mike Martz. 

    He added this tweet aimed to Chicago fans: 

    Hey @Bears fans they are teaching football education for women at the @SearsTower on Friday, I signed you all up. FYI, please stop following 

    And he calls the Bears staff names? Babin shouldn't rip on other teams for running legal plays if he can't take it that people defend their team. It also probably isn't a great idea to threaten coaches from other teams. 

    For the record, Jason? Trying to insult the Bars fanbase by calling us women is not creative, sexist, and doesn't work. If you really wanted to hurt us, you would have called us Packers fans.