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Why Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo Want Fans to Keep the Faith



    Why Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo Want Fans to Keep the Faith
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    Smith hopes you'll focus on the Bears future.

    After an 0-4 pre-season, one might expect Bears GM Jerry Angelo and head coach Lovie Smithto explore at least a modicum of reality when talking about the team with fans.

    But Monday night, when Angelo, Smith and Bears CEO Ted Phillips hosted 1,000 season ticket holders at a live broadcast of the "Bears Insider" radio show, the did nothing of the sort.

    "We're a good football team," Smith said, eschewing the observational wisdom that the Bears are an average team with serious issues.  "I assume you coming here, you thought the same thing. Just stay with us, OK, and if you are dissatisfied with something in the past, leave it in the past. Think about the future. We plan on winning a lot of football games this year."

    After delivering a dose of Pollyanna optimism, Smith and Angelo opened the floor to questions. How well they answered them is another topic.

    One fan asked about players celebrating sacks, tackles and touchdowns when the team was losing. Despite his own stoic demeanor on the sidelines, Smith said that he likes to see players excited about what they've done. When the fan pressed Smith, Lovie ended the discussion.

    "Thank you for your question," Smith said, cutting him off. "Appreciate the support. Thank you."

    Smith assured the group -- people who have doled out thousands of dollars to see the Bears live -- they should have faith in the team.

    Got that, fans? The terrible pre-season, the questionable drafts, the three seasons without a playoff appearance? Forget about them because the Bears have a plan. Apparently, we're supposed to forget that they've planned to win games the last three years, as well.