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Don't Vote for Pep



    Even with the lockout, EA Sports is still preparing to ship out the latest version of their popular NFL game, and they need your help deciding a cover boy. They want you to visit this site, and vote for the player you want to see on the cover of Madden '12. Grizzly Detail would like you to visit it, too, and vote for anyone BUT the Bears rep, Julius Peppers.

    In the first round, Pep is up against Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, so please -- vote for AP! AP for Madden Cover, president, and whatever else he wants to run for. Why?

    The dreaded Madden Curse. For years, the players who graced the cover of Madden went on to face disaster in the season. In 2002, Daunte Culpepper injured his knee. 2004 cover boy Michael Vick broke his leg the day after the game was released. Donovan McNabb was on the cover in 2006, and said that he didn't believe in the curse. He suffered a sports hernia the first game of the season.

    Even here at Grizzly Detail, we said we didn't believe in the Sports Illustrated cover curse when the Bears appeared in SI the week before the Packers playoff game. We don't need to revisit what happened in that game.

    It might be tough to do, but stay away from Peppers, Bears fans. It's not that we want any harm to befall Peterson, but we need the heart of the defense to stay healthy and curse-free. Vote for AP!