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Bears, Don't Forget the Running Game



    In interviews that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo have given lately, they've focused on the Bears wide receivers and the offensive line. Will Devin Hester see more action? How do the Bears work in Greg Olsen more effectively? Do they need a big receiver to make up for the lack of size from Hester and Johnny Knox? Who should they draft to bolster the offensive line, and will Olin Kreutz be re-signed?

    Anything missing from that equation? Think about it. It will come.

    That's right! The running game. With the Bears spending so much time considering the passing game, Chicago is in danger of repeating mistakes from early in the 2011 season. Remember how the Bears barely beat the Lions in the season opener, when Cutler made double the passing attempts than Matt Forte made rushing attempts? Remember that awful, terrible loss to the Giants, when the Bears had two rushing first downs?

    And remember how things turned around when the Bears tried a more balanced attack, and then started winning? And how Forte became one of the Bears most effective offensive weapons?

    Perhaps there is no need to discuss the running game in the off-season because it was practically perfect in every way, but just as a reminder, please don't forget that Matt Forte can run. This is Chicago, and we're kind of fond of the running game here. Though we have a long time and many obstacles to hurdle before the first kickoff, Jerry, Lovie and Mike, please don't forget. Running is good for you.