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Dancing Bears: Who'd Represent?



    Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward is the latest pro football player to join the cast of "Dancing With The Stars," following in the footsteps of Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Kurt Warner. Chicagoans are yet to see a Bear take to the dance floor. How would our football fellows fare?

    Jay Cutler: Part of the dancing score comes from selling the fact that you're enjoying the dance. Our QB may have a good arm, fast feet and a pretty girlfriend to practice dance moves with, but he rarely shows off his smile in public. That won't help him win the mirrored ball trophy. Prediction: First one voted off.

    Julius Peppers
    : What makes Peppers an asset on the football field could be a liability on the dance floor: his size. His 6-foot-7 frame will tower over any dance partner he is paired with, making him difficult to work with. However, Rick Fox is the same height, and he ended up in sixth place. It's possible that Peppers athleticism would translate to the dance floor, but he's not the Bears best option among current players. Prediction: Week four.
    Brian Urlacher: The man is a gifted athlete, but dancing? It's hard to imagine his frame moving with ease around a dance floor. His strength would make lifts easy, and he is a hard worker who would give dancing his all. He also has good name recognition, which gets you far in a competition that is part popularity contest. Prediction: Top six finish.

    Willie Gault
    : Of the Bears who Super Bowl Shuffled, Gault had the best dance moves. He was a classically trained ballet dancer, and even alluded to his dancing prowess with the lyric, "I'm as smooth as a chocolate swirl, I dance a little funky so watch me girl." Judge Carrie-Ann Inaba will watch, and give the man a 10. He may not be as well know as other retired players, but has ten tons of charm and would win over viewers. Prediction: semifinalist.

    Devin Hester: The Ridiculous One will lead us to the mirrored-ball trophy. Hester is fast, but also has moves that make special teams defenders cry. He's also a popular player who could draw votes form across the country. Devin, you're the man to show the world that Chicago can dance (and then you can learn something to replace "Soulja Boy" in the backfield.) Prediction: Winning.

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