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Cutler vs. Cavallari: Who Performed Better?



    The Bears former golden couple of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are reportedly working things out, but for now they still have to focus on their day jobs. For Cutler, that means football, while for Cavallari that means ... um ... performing on whatever reality show she is latched onto at the moment. So who did it better this week in their respective careers? 


    In week two of "Dancing with the Stars," Cavallari performed a quick-step with partner Mark Ballas to "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" while wearing a white dress. DWTS supposedly chooses the songs for each dancing couple, but is it possible Kristin encouraged that song to send a little message to her former fiance?


    She earned a 21, two points higher than last week's score, and again landed in the middle of the pack. Voting and her good-enough score kept her safe for another week, but she needs a breakout performance at some point.


    The QB had another rough week. Though he was only sacked three times and threw for 302 yards, he had a hard time hitting his receivers when it counted. Like Kristin, too often Cutler found himself in the middle of the Pack.

    Another week goes to Cavallari, but Cutler has a shot to gain ground against the 1-2 Panthers on Sunday.