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Cutler vs. Cavallari: Who Danced Better?



    Throughout last season and right up until training camp, Jay Cutler was romantically linked to reality TV star Kristin Cavallari. They broke off their engagement this summer, but they have apparently remained friends.

    Now, they're both competing in the public eye. For Cutler, it's as the quarterback for the Bears. For Cavalleri, it's on "Dancing with the Stars."

    Who performed better between the two members of the golden couple?

    Kristin's First Dance:

    For the first dance of the season, it wasn't bad. Cavallari completed her steps, didn't trip over herself or her partner, and she did a decent job at interpreting the cha-cha to a song that had nothing to do with a cha-cha. She was stiff in parts, and the dance didn't have much difficulty. The judges awarded her a 19 out of 30, which is a good starting place. If the trend continues, she should have a long run on the show. However, she hasn't shown anything that wowed the judges or viewers. Don't expect for her to bring home the mirrored ball trophy.

    Jay's Trip to the Superdome

    In the first half of the game, Cutler was jittery, had happy feet, and had a hard time finding his receivers. In the second half, his protection broke down and he just kept getting sacked. He wins points for throwing one touchdown and not throwing any interceptions as well as showing toughness in continuing to get up after every hit. However, there was very little to enjoy about the offensive performance on Sunday. Even when the Bears neared the end zone, they couldn't actually get the TD.

    Who wins it this week? Kristin.

    Sorry, Jay, but the consistent performance from Kristin is what Bears fans want to see out of you.