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Cutler vs. Cavallari: The Last Dance



    It is a sad day, Grizzly Detailers. Kristin Cavallari, the once-betrothed, maybe-dating-again of our fair-haired QB, was voted off of "Dancing with the Stars."

    The saddest part? Jay Cutler was in the studio audience supporting her for the ill-fated dance. Quite sad indeed.

    But who performed better this week? 


    Here's her performance (Skip to 2:10 for the actual dance):


    She earned a 24 for that Beyonce-inspired rumba, another steady improvement over last week's score. In just her third week on the show, she is clearly comfortable with learning new moves every week, and it clearly wasn't her time to go home. However, something that happens in every season of DWTS is that a star does well enough that fans assume a phone-in vote isn't necessary. Cavallari fell victim, and was voted off.


    His most important job this week was to hand off the ball and stay out of the way. He did a fantastic job at that, but had his least productive week since the team's playoff loss to the Packers. The big difference is that it was the game plan for him to let the running game shine.

    The winner? Awww, Kristin should get to win something this week, and her dance was great. Not only that, she has apparently won back her man, meaning they both win.