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Cutler a Sports Illustrated Cover Boy



    Jay Cutler and the Bears are gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, which may fill Bears fans with dread.

    What if the Bears are victims of the dreaded SI cover jinx? 

    Get over it, Bears fans. We have a team that's good. So good, that the pre-eminent sports magazine has put them on their cover (Well, one of their covers. It's a regional cover.) This is what happens with a good team.

    Michael Jordan has been on the cover 56 times, more than anyone else. Would you call his career, complete with six championships, an example of bad luck? The Yankees and Lakers have had more covers than any other team. Their 44 combined titles kills any jinx discussion.

    No, let's not call this a jinx. Let's call this what it is -- a good team finally getting recognition.