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Cutler Thinks O-Line Has Found Its Groove



    Cutler Thinks O-Line Has Found Its Groove
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    With right guard Roberto Garzaback in the line-up, the Bears offensive line found consistency on Sunday. They also had one of their best performances of the season, giving up just one sack and allowing the Bears to run for 105 yards. Could this be the offensive line the Bears have been looking for?

    The man they are protecting, Jay Cutler, thinks so.

    "I'd like to stick with these guys for the rest of the year, absolutely," quarterback Jay Cutler said. "We've kind of shuffled those guys around, had a few injuries, had a few setbacks, but I think this group right here is the group that we'd like to make a push with and make a run with. I think this is the most comfortable they've felt as well, too."

    Jerry Angelo has preached that consistency as the key to an offensive line. Though he's right, it's not the only important aspect of a successful offensive line. Size and skill are factors that shouldn't be overlooked, especially as Angelo moves forward with the Bears O-line. (Hint: DRAFT BO THRAN.) 

    But teamwork and familiarity are integral to the line's success. Olin Kreutz and Garza have been playing together for five years, and can easily tell when the other is having problems or needs a hand.

    The only way Chris Williams, J'Marcus Webb and Frank Omiyale are going to get the same level of ease is for them to stick with this line. Offensive line coach (and former Vikings head coach) Mike Tice should see that what he has going works, and not try to fix it any more.