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Why Jay Cutler Took Nathan Enderle Under His Wing



    Yesterday, we said that after the summer workouts, Jay Cutler needed to show that he has made it through the firestorm of last year's playoffs to become a leader.

    It turns out, Cutler is making strides in that department, but has done it quietly. When the Bears made their draft picks, Cutler was the first to send a welcome message.

    Now, Cutler has taken Nathan Enderle, the quarterback drafted in the fifth round, under his wing. At the player-organized workouts, Cutler is working with Enderle to help the rookie learn Mike Martz's complicated offense.

    "[Jay Cutler] was one of the first guys who texted me and told me that they were throwing," Enderle said. "He was very helpful. He said I could stay with him if I didn't have a place to stay. Everything he's done has been very helpful to me. They've all been really helpful. You never know what to expect when you join a new team, but the guys are great and helping me as much as they can."

    This is fantastic news for Bears fans for two reasons: one, Cutler is showing that he can be a mature leader who wants to win -- he could have ignored the new kid and focused on his own game, but he didn't.

    More importantly, Cutler is smart enough to realize that after he was sacked roughly 1,583 times last season (that might be an exaggeration), good back-ups are important.