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Jokester Toys with JayCav Emotions



    UPDATE: An earlier version of this story quoted Jay Cutler's Facebook page. A source confirms to NBC 5's Paula Faris that the Facebook page confirming the breakup was a fake. The account has since been deactivated. It's yet another page in the mismanagement of Jay Cutler's public persona, as multiple outlets quoted the page as fact because that appeared to be the only access available.

    Over the weekend, rumors flew that Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari had called off their engagement. Cavallari's reps confirmed the news to People magazine.

    People reported Sunday that Cutler ended the 10-month relationship with the reality TV star just after they had set a date, registered for gifts and were thrown an engagement party by friends.

    "She got dumped," says another source. "She's absolutely devastated. She can't believe this is happening."  

    Jay has been silent on the issue. The latest People article claims that Cutler was a controlling boyfriend who smothered Cavallari.

    Again, Cutler hasn't gone on record, and likely won't as he's famously averse to media coverage.

    In fact, another report says the media scrutiny that came along with dating a former reality television star turned him off.

    Many observers think it could be helpful to his game because rather than focus on wedding plans, and gift registeries, he can focus on recievers and championships.  Take out those feelings on the Packers, OK? 

    Cavallari also turned to social media for comfort. On Sunday, she tweeted, "Thanks for the support. Love u guys."