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Cutler-Autographed Ball Gets Zero Bids in Charity Auction



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    Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is about as popular in the Windy City as potholes and corrupt politicians, so it isn’t surprising that a football signed by the Bears star didn’t generate much buzz at a charity auction.

    The auction, which benefitted the Anti-Cruelty Society, took place in late March, and according to the Chicago Tribune, there wasn’t a single bid on the football that Cutler signed.

    Someone did eventually buy the ball for $100, but here’s the kicker to the whole story:

    “Most of the other items weren’t sports-related – theater tickets and spa treatments, for example – but a book about former Illinois men’s basketball coach Bruce Weber went for $120.”

    So that’s where Cutler’s popularity is at now in the eyes of Chicago sports fans.

    A football he signed can’t even get a bid in a charity auction, but a book from a coach that was fired from the University of Illinois after winning just three NCAA tournament games in his final seven seasons at the school is somehow worth $120.

    What a time to be alive.