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Compare-a-Bear: Cutler vs. McMahon



    Compare-a-Bear: Cutler vs. McMahon

    Though Sid Luckman was the last truly great Bears quarterback, Chicago's fans have fond memories of the "Punky QB," Jim McMahon. He played fearlessly, leading the Bears to their lone Super Bowl title. Can you see any of McMahon in the Bears current QB Jay Cutler?

    Iron Man: Cutler has McMahon beat in the durability category. McMahon didn't play a full season in his entire career, while Cutler missed his first game since being named a starting QB this season.

    A game of risk: Both Cutler and McMahon played dangerously. McMahon's style was near reckless, as sliding for a first down was something that would not occur to him. His quarterback sneak was anything but sneaky, as McMahon would hurl his body over the top of the pile to get a touchdown, often absorbing painful hits along the way. Cutler's danger comes in the form of hubris. He often holds onto the ball for too long, forces passes where they will clearly get picked off.

    Chicks dig the long ball: Cutler and McMahon both had the ability to thrill fans with a single pass, a long bomb that led to a Bears TD. McMahon's longest during the Super Bowl season was 70 yards, a memorable pass to Willie Gault to secure a Bears win over the Vikings. Cutler and Matt Forte connected for an 89-yard touchdown this season. Those long bombs opened up both QBs to interceptions. Cutler is intercepted on 3.9 percent of his passes, while McMahon's career INT rate was 3.5.

    Off-the-field: McMahon was known for being as colorful and fearless off the field as on it. He mooned a news helicopter and became the focus of then-commissioner Pete Rozelle's ire for wearing unapproved headbands. At one point, McMahon wrote "JDRF" on his headband, referencing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity close to diabetic Cutler's heart. Cutler has developed a reputation for being moody with the media, and has become tabloid fodder for dating reality TV star Kristin Cavallari.