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Comedian vs. Punter: Who Ya Got?



    Who wants to see an arm-wrestling match between a comedian and a punter? Actually, the question is who DOESN'T want to see an arm-wrestling match between a comedian and a punter?

    This weekend, Bears DT Anthony Adams met comedians Marlon and Shawn Wayans after their show at the Chicago Improv. He tweeted that he enjoyed the show, and that he didn't know that the Wayans brothers were Bears fans. Apparently, Marlon made a joke about Julius Peppers, because Adams said that he was going to "tell Pep what you said. He's going to come looking for me."

    Marlon was reasonably concerned about the prospect of a 6-foot-7, 300lbs sack machine coming after him. He responded that he wanted to take on the smallest guy on the team. "I'm [expletive] yo' punter up!"

    Adam Podlesh, the Bears punter, had to respond. "So I wake up this morning, make my coffee, and find that @MARLONLWAYANS is interested in whooping my [expletive]'s gonna be a good day." Bears kicker Robbie Gould suggested an arm-wrestling match. Podlesh said he's in, and Wayans joked that his money is on Podlesh.

    This match needs to happen. Podlesh and Wayans can make a night of it, raise some money for charity, and prove for all time that punters are better athletes than comedians. The Bears will have a bye at the end of the month, making it the perfect time for a little arm-wrasslin.