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Coaches Clinic: Dungy Is Only the Start



    Tony Dungy visited Halas Hall this week, giving the Bears coaches a primer on Xs, Os, and the best ways to coach. He made an impression on the staff, which isn't a surprise considering how successful he was.

    Let's hope the Bears don't stop this trend. Bring in more coaches who will school the staff on every little thing that is football-related, and some things outside the line of football. Just imagine what knowledge they have to impart:

    Jimmy Johnson: He could teach the staff the fine art of having perfect hair on the sideline, no matter what Chicago conditions are in place. Johnson, the coach of the Cowboys for two Super Bowl championships, could also put on a clinic about dealing with diva players and difficult owners.

    Mike Ditka: Would it be awkward to have Da Coach back in Halas Hall? Sure, but it would be worth it to hear how he melded all the talent on those teams in the 80s. He also could teach the staff how to keep a career going well past coaching days.

    John Madden
    : Smith has been criticized for being far too stoic on the sidelines, showing little emotion when the Bears succeed and fail. Madden could be the cure for that. Madden could teach Smith catchphrases, proper intonation and even how to make sense when yelling randomly at referees. OK, maybe not that last one.

    Bill Cowher: "No, Lovie! He's not here for your job. Seriously! He like the relaxing, non-coaching life. Sitting on the beach, appearing on TV at times, it's the best. No, Cowher just wants to talk to us about how to string together winning seasons. He was able to do that in Pittsburgh. Here in Chicago? Not so much."

    George Halas: This particular coach will be tougher to book, considering that he's been dead for 28 years. However, Papa Bear's love of his team ran deep, and there is little doubt that he would do everything he could to help the team. Not only could he teach what led the Bears to using the T-formation, but he could also head to the meetings between coaches and players and clean up the labor problems. Who is going to tell the founder of the NFL, "But we don't know how to split up $9 billion?"