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Clock Is Ticking to Avoid NFL Lockout



    The NFL's collective bargaining agreement expires in just over 48 hours, and the two sides are back at the negotiating table with federal mediators for a last ditch effort to keep a lockout from happening. Well, that's what they're supposed to be doing.

    It's hard to gauge if either side is taking these talks seriously, or if they are just preparing for the seemingly inevitable lockout. Only one owner, the Giants John Mara, is in attendance for Tuesday's meetings in contrast to the several current and retired players who showed up in Washington. The NFL's top negotiator says that they will be there "as long as it takes."

    A lockout could be unfortunate for players who failed to heed NFLPA warnings to save money to prepare for the work stoppage. The Eagles' Brandon Graham says that his teammates have hit him up for a loan.

    One aspect of the potential lockout that is new to this labor stoppage is that teams are grappling with how to handle their websites if a lockout happen. Since players are a key part of, the NFL-owned website will have to figure out how to keep up their traffic while still staying loyal to owners. During the lockouts of the 1980s, the internet wasn't a concern because it didn't exist.

    The CBA runs out at 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes glued to Grizzly Detail for the (hopefully) good news.