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Caught in a Bad Bromance



    Caught in a Bad Bromance
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    Mike Martz Lovefest Alert!

    The Bears offensive guru was asked if he's concerned over Jay Cutler's confidence seven weeks into the season.

    Martz responded, "If you know Jay, you know not to ask that question. He’s a strong man! He’s very, very very strong emotionally and likes what we do, and he’s confident. That’s no, that’s not a concern to me."

    But, Jay not so lovie dovey with me when I asked where does the offense begin to fix its so many problems.

    PK: It seems there’s so many areas that need to be cleaned up, where do you start?

    JC: [laughs] That’s a very negative question.

    PK: We could list all the rankings of the different categories.

    JC: Go ahead.

    PK: 3rd Down, Goal Line, Yards.

    For the Record here are the Bears offensive rankings heading into week eight of the NFL season:

      32nd in 3rd down efficiency
      32nd in sacks per pass play
      31st in interception percentage
      30th in rushing
      30th in total yards per game
      29th in first downs per game
      26th in points per game

    Instead of working on these issues as an offense, Mike Martz gave his QB the day off. So much for practice makes perfect.

    JC:  "Yeah. You know, obviously offensively we have some things we need to clean up, we’re aware of that. And we’re going to address them this week."