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Bears Defenders Missed Briggs on Sunday



    Bears Defenders Missed Briggs on Sunday
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    Lance Briggs

    In the words of the great band Cinderella, you don't what you've got 'till it's gone.

    With Lance Briggs out, the Bears defense learned very quickly just how valuable the linebacker is to their defense. Briggs is not only one of the team's most reliable tacklers, but he also has a knack for making his teammates better.

    His replacement, Brian Iwuh, led the team in tackles against the Seahawks, but he wasn't able to stop Seattle from getting first downs. The whirly birds converted on third down seven times out of 18 tries. Iwuh also didn't break up any passes or pick off any balls, which something that Briggs is always a threat to do.

    The lack of big plays out of the Bears defensive stars also underscores what Briggs does for his teammates. Julius Peppers had one tackle and assisted on another. Brian Urlacher, the team's leading tackler, was held to just four. No interceptions, no sacks, no forced fumbles, none of the game-changing plays that have helped the Bears win in the past.

    Without Briggs drawing defenders and opening up lanes for Peppers and Urlacher to get to the ball, the stars were rendered ineffective.

    Bears fans, it's time to cross those fingers that Briggs ankle injury won't keep him out of the the game against the Redskins, because his presence is crucial to the Bears' success.