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Big Numbers: 13 Returns for Devin Hester



    Big Numbers: 13 Returns for Devin Hester
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    Worried Jay
    This is the face Cutler makes when he's contemplating a tough game, or a bad play. He made it often in 2009, when he tossed 26 interceptions.

    13: If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and go take a look at the Earl Bennett block that sprung Devin Hester's record-setting punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter (it comes at right at :29 seconds.) Bennett absolutely obliterates punter Jon Ryan. Quality special teams plays like that one seem to once again be paving the way for Hester's ridiculous speed and elusivness. One more and he'll solidify his reputation as the most dangerous return man to ever play the game. It's nice to see him hitting home runs again.


    516: The record for sacks in a career, owned by John Elway. Over 231 starts it works out to about 2.2 per game. Jay Cutler has 23 over six games and is on pace for 885 sacks if he plays as long. He's on pace for 62 this year. Yikes!

    61: The Bears rushing total for the game.

    19: The number of those yards that belong to Jay Cutler.

    0: Third-down conversions. The scariest part: Seattle is the second team to hold then conversionless. For the season Mike Martz' genius has delivered a 16 percent third-down conversion rate.

    6: Different starting offensive lines. The Minnesota Vikings have the Williams Wall with Pat and Kevin Williams. This week the Bears went with the Williams Stall starting Edwin and Chris at Guards.

    4-2: Much will be said this week about the glaring deficiencies on the Chicago Bears Roster (much of it right here on Grizzly Detail) but the team is still in first place with one of the better records in the league. The worst they can do is 4-12.