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Bears Offense Could Look Different Against Vikings



    Jay Culter Lobbies for More Protection

    Oct. 12, 2011: The Bears Quarterback sent a not too subtle message to his offensive coordinator. (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    Jay Cutler hit 28 of 38 pass attempts for 249 yards in Monday Night's loss at Ford Field.

    His 99.6 passer rating one of his best as a Bear, and he did it behind a shaky offensive line that's in desperate need of changes. 

    Starting with Frank Omiyale filling in for Gabe Carimi at right tackle.

    Omiyale's turnstyle technique has contributed to Jay Cutler getting knocked down 29 times this season, a dubious stat that places him among the 10 most pourous lineman in the league.

    "Frank is not playing as well as he needs to" Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith said.  "It's about performance and we’re not satisfied with the performance, you do look at other options."

    Guard Lance Louis has replaced Omiyale in game twice in the last two weeks. One option is keep Louis at tackle until Carimi comes back and allow Edwin Williams to get some snaps inside. What are some other options for the Bears offense under Mike Martz?

    Allow for some rollouts and shorter step drops for Jay Cutler. The pressure is mounting and they must slow down that internal clock inside Cutler's head.

    "Physically its not that big of a deal" Cutler explained. "Mentally it just speeds up my clock, makes me uneasy in the pocket."

    And so Cutler hears footsteps, stops trusting his protection, takes his eyes off receivers, anything to avoid the pressure.

    "Have you gone in yet and said 'hey we got to get the ball out of my hands quicker'" one reporter suggested to Cutler. After laughing it off, Cutler said.

    "You just have to believe in the system, know that Mike’s [Martz] going to come up with some gameplans to get rid of the ball quicker, help the offensive line and get us back on track."

    So Mike Martz WILL allow shorter drops?

    "I’m not saying anything!" Cutler interrupted. "You guys talk to him (Martz) today don’t you?"

    Martz is not available for press. Cutler laughed when he heard.

    Cutler may not be laughing Sunday night with the NFL's leading sack artist Jared Allen staring him down, or fellow Viking Brian Robison, top ten in the league rushing the passer.

    Just believing in the system Cutler said, or was he pleading?

    "We got to do our part, I got to do my part, Mike Martz has to do his part."