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Bracing for Vick



    If we believe the Bears are for real*, we'll need to see them take out an elite opponent.  Thankfully, we've got several coming up.  Right around the time you slap together your 5th leftover turkey sandwich, the Bears will be sweating it out against the Eagles.

    (* That's today's assumption.  Check back in a few weeks to see if our hypothesis has completely swung the other way.)

    Like the Bears, the Eagles are currently riding a streak of luck.  And that luck is the cherry on top of a quality sundae of fundamental football.  But unlike the Bears, the Eagles are winning in a way that makes the nation stand up and take notice.  Credit Michael Vick.

    Yes, Ron Mexico. The guy who ran the dog fighting ring. The highly touted Virginia Tech QB who spent several seasons in Atlanta proving that the broad side of a barn can be an elusive target.  Sometime between prison and Tony Dungy pep talks, Michael Vick sucked down the equivalent of Popeye's spinach or Underdog's pill.  That dude looks like he's got the cheat code on.

    How do you defend Michael Vick? Framing him for another crime might be the best idea. Then there's the always popular QB Spy defense, where you give one defender the job of staying focused only on Vick.  All that means is that the defender has the best seat in the house as Vick lobs it over his head into the end zone.

    The important thing is to keep pace with the Packers. Thankfully, Green Bay is headed to Vick's old hometown of Atlanta, where Matt Ryan has only lost once since arriving in the league. So even if the Bears drop one to the Eagles, there's a reasonable shot the Packers will slip back, too.

    There's really no answer for Michael Vick.  So much like your family Thanksgiving, we'll have to hold our breath and do our best to survive.  The playoffs are in sight and there's no margin for error.