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Bears Report Card: Offense Struggles in Loss to Lions

Struggles abound as Bears fall to 3-1



    The Chicago Bears didn't exactly shine on Sunday in their loss to the Detroit Lions, but there were good and bad elements of their game to be examined. 

    Offense: C-

    The Chicago Bears' offense looked solid in the fourth quarter once again, but for the rest of the game, they simply didn't do enough for the Bears to win the contest against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

    We detailed Jay Cutler's poor performance in our Grizzly Details column earlier today, but the Bears' overall inefficiency on third down was definitely concerning.

    For the game, they only converted on one third down in 13 tries (and that didn't occur until the fourth quarter), and that simply is not good enough to win for this team.

    Defense: B-

    The Bears' defense still did a pretty good job when it came to forcing turnovers against the Lions, picking off a Matthew Stafford pass and recovering two Detroit fumbles, but there were other areas that they were marked off points for.

    The front four, as we detailed in Grizzly Details, didn't do a good enough job as a whole of getting pressure on Stafford or in terms of shutting down the Detroit running game, and the team's secondary also allowed a lot of completions over the middle of the field. This partly is a result of the team having to deal with both Calvin Johnson, with Major Wright having to help Charles Tillman cover the All-Pro wideout, and also with Reggie Bush, who drew the attention of the Bears' linebackers over the middle.

    The Bears' defense did also hold strong in the first quarter on several good Detroit chances, but their failures in other areas necessitated a slightly lower grade.

    Special Teams: C

    The Bears' kickoff team did a great job in terms of limiting returns on Sunday, with Robbie Gould's airtime on his kicks taking the lion's share of the credit.

    Where the Bears went off the rails, however, was in their punt game. They gave the Lions some excellent field position off of those kicks, and that put too much pressure on the defense in the 27-point second quarter that the Lions put up against the Bears.

    Gameday Tweets: B

    There were some pretty funny tweets as the Bears repeatedly shot themselves in the foot on Sunday, but it was the fan reaction after the game that Dan Durkin captured in this tweet that took the cake: