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Bears Loss to New York By the Numbers



    The Bears' uninspired loss to the Giants on Monday night put a ton of goose eggs on the board. Though the offensive line was solid, not much else was, and Lovie Smith will have plenty to discuss as the team moves forward in pre-season prep.

    0 touchdowns by offensive starters -- In fact, the Bears couldn't break the plane of the end zone until the last minute of the game, when Kahlil Bell finally put six on the board. Of the five times the Bears were in the red zone, only one resulted in a touchdown. The other times were two field goals, an interception thrown by Caleb Hanie and an inability for Marion Barber to run it in from the one-yard line.

    0 sacks by the defense -- The disruptive defense who can put a QB on his back, stop a run behind the line of scrimmage, and basically make it difficult for the opposing offense to breathe? They didn't show up. Instead, they gave up 41 points. Much of that was to the second and third teams, but that doesn't say much about the defensive depth.

    0 major injuries on the Bears -- That's an important number in any pre-season game. Chicago did not lose any players to injuries throughout the game.

    0 receptions from Roy Williams -- Perhaps Williams just needs to take his time and get to know the ball before he catches it, but the drops that gave Williams a questionable rep showed up Monday night. Will he be able to right the ship by the season opener?

    0 fumbles -- On the bright side, the Bears didn't fumble the ball, and Jay Cutler didn't throw any interceptions. That's got to be a good sign, right?