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Bears Embrace the Internets, Friend Your Mom



    Awww, the Bears are on Facebook! Isn't that adorable?

    Ok, technically the Chicago Bears have been using the social networking site long enough to accrue 730,000 fans, but the team announced a new Fan Zone initiative Thursday.

     "The Chicago Bears are further engaging their loyal fans with the launch of a new interactive Facebook Fan Zone application ( ) where fans can participate in a variety of activities and earn points to show their passion."

    Points for your passion!

    "I have 231 more passion points than you. Take THAT."

    Fans can earn points by participating in a fan challenge and creating team-branded personal photographs. They'll also have the chance to read tweets from players and get on a leaderboard with other fans.

    Seems to us they're a bit late to the party, but as long as they're amping up their social networking effort allow us to offer some tips to the organization. 

    • Monitor that twitter feed: Never know what could get tweeted by, say, a disgruntled Tommie Harris.
    • Don't let your staff use Facebook to air gripes with a significant other. Jay, Mike, if your relationship goes sour, we don't want to see status updates that say, "I'M SO MAD AT MY OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR!"
    • Though Devin Aromashodu has plenty of free time on his hands these days, he shouldn't spend it playing Farmville. It's addictive.
    • Be careful with the pictures you post. Lovie, if you post a smiling picture, we may actually believe that you are not a robot.

    Following these rules will help the Bears have a meaningful Facebook experience, and not end up on the pages of Lamebook.