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Bears Dish On Each Other



    During the lockout, several players mentioned how they miss the camaraderie of being with their teammates. This camaraderie means that the Bears know their teammates quite well, and they had no problem talking about them on two very important subjects to Grizzly Detail.

    It's no secret that football players make more money than the average person, but that doesn't mean they spend it freely. When asked about who is the cheapest on the team, there was little consensus. Does that mean the Bears are full of cheapskates?

    Henry Melton said that it was his fellow defensive lineman Corey Wootton, and Wootton did not disagree.

    "He said me? Yes. I try to save my money. It's not forever, so I stay proud with that," Wootton said.
    Chris Harris said that it was Tim Jennings, while Earl Bennett turned to D.J. Moore. Zack Bowman laughed and sold himself out.

    "All the guys give me a hard time because all I wear is Reebok, because I'm sponsored by Reebok, and I don't gamble or spend my money or anything," Bowman said.

    But there were only two names brought up when asked who had the best dances moves on the team: Anthony Adams and D.J. Moore. The Bears had little worry that Adams' calf injury and walking boot would inhibit his ability to cut a rug.

    "I saw him in the boot the other day trying to get some dance moves in," Melton said.

    "He'll be sidelined a bit, but he'll be back in full effect," Harris said.

    But Bowman countered that dancing ability is position-specific.

    "I'm gonna go with DJ. I'm keeping it in the DB room. Linebackers are kinda stiff,  and D-line, they're the big guys, so I'm keeping it in the DBs. That's where all the swagger is, in the secondary," Bowman said.

    Newcomer Sam Hurd said if it's not him, it's Moore.

    "He's a character. He's a funny guy. He's sporadic."

    So now you know, Bears fans. Hope for Double-A and D.J. Moore to have plenty of reason to dance this season, but don't expect any of them to pick up the check.