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Papa Bears Brag About Kids on Twitter, Too



    All fathers like to brag about their kids. Being a professional football player doesn't change that.

    Chicago's own Devin Hester, Earl Bennett and Rod Wilson use their Twitter account to talk about their children and even give advice on fatherhood.

    Hester, who will soon start writing a column for Chicago Parent magazine, shares adventures with his son, Devin Jr. He took his son to the beach and tweeted pictures of his little man as they left the beach, saying, "I guess he seen all da ladies at da beach and is ready to go watch cartoons now." (sic) He later sent out a picture of his son sleeping in his car seat.

    Hester's teammate on the receiving corps, Earl Bennett, shared the simple act of hanging out with his 1-month-old, the son born just days before the Bears played the Packers in the playoff. He showed pictures of his son, bragging, "This lil guy is gonna b a big baby 11lbs n just 1 month." (sic)

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    Linebacker and special teams player Rod Wilson was kind enough to share his advicefor all the dads out there. "Kids look up to their dads. Set good examples. Be a good role model," he tweeted. "Understand that there is nothing more important than time with your kids. No material thing could ever replace that."

    What's amazing about Twitter and Facebook is that the athletes can break down barriers between fans and football stars. When the wall is knocked down, football players aren't all that different from any other fathers.