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Bears Can Use Technology to Beat Lockout



    The Bears have a dilemma. The players want to get together to practice, but it's hard to do without coaches and playbooks and all of the fun things that are prohibited by the lockout. You know, the things that make practice worthwhile. The Bears and the players don't want to break lockout rules, and draw the ire of the league, but they do want to get better.

    How to do that? TECHNOLOGY.

    Grizzly Detail has figured out the many, many ways the Bears can do work while not getting worked over. We call it: Operation Hibernating Bear. Here's the plan. The Bears will use all that the Internet hath wrought to communicate with the players, but it will be done in CODE.

    The YT: Youtube, where Lovie Smith, Mike Martz and the rest of the coaches will post game plays for study. To throw off competitors, each video will start with a Rick-Roll-like decoy. Cat videos mean that defensive plays are coming, while laughing kids are for offense. If it's a boring person giving their opinion to a webcam, that means it's for you, special teams.

    Twitter: The players have already taken to Twitter to talk with fans and each other. Coaches, time to join up. Use fake names, and reply things like, "Hey Chris Harris. Glad you liked #TCAP. Do you also like studying game film? YOU SHOULD. Especially the passing offense that the Packers used in the playoffs that caught the team off-guard. That, and 'Friday Night Lights.' That show is GREAT."

    Facebook: Set up Facebook pages for different routes and packages. Once a player understands it, they can "like" that page. Once the whole team can run it successfully, then the page can be deleted, and a new one can be created. It's like a floating card game, but so much better.

    Code names:
    Whatever tool the Bears decide to use, code names are essential. Mike Martz can be "The Mad Scientist." Mike Tice will be "The Giant of GIants." Jay Cutler? "Chief Broken Knee." Julius Peppers will be Salty One, and so on. This may not throw the NFL off the Bears trail, but it will be fun.

    Bears, just follow these simple steps, and the team will have a leg up once (if?) the season starts.