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Bears' Angelo praises Lovie Smith



    Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo speaks!

    Well, he speaks every week to the teams own website.  And he speaks to the team's radio station.

    So to be correct, for the first time since the preseason, Angelo spoke to a group of Bears reporters Thursday night before kickoff in Miami.

    And after eleven weeks the GM gave his support of Lovie Smith eleven weeks into the season.

    "He’s always been a great leader for us," said Angelo.  "I keep going back to that adversity, those thorns, he continues to create hope and the guys rally around Lovie."

    As for the criticism of Smith?  Angelo doesn't like what he hears.

    "Most of it to me is unfair because the guy has really done an outstanding job of keeping the team together," claimed Angelo.  "And I think that is critical for a head coach in this league. You can’t minimize that and he doesn’t get enough credit for that."

    Angelo wants the critics to fairly bring up the contributions and assets of Smith, too. 

    "Nobody ever says the things that he really brings to the table and he has brought to the table in his whole tenure here and there has to be a lot of emphasis on that because it is a very difficult job, we all know that in this league."

    In Angelo's eyes, Smith has been a stoic leader and the Bears couldn't ask for more.

    "He has done a great job of leading this team."