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Side Jobs For Locked-Out Bears Players?



    Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is using the lockout to follow another dream. He's trying out for the Major League Soccer team in Kansas City while he waits for the NFL's labor problems to subside. As boredom from a lack of job takes over, will the Bears do the same? We have some job recommendations.

    Jay Cutler -- personal shopper: The QB has already shown a penchant for shopping, heading to the Grove in southern California with his girlfriend, Kristin Cavalleri, just days after sustaining a knee injury. Along with Cavalleri, he could start a personal shopping business aimed towards clothing athletes. Do you have an offensive lineman who is so hard to shop for? Call Jay.

    Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox -- personal training duo
    : Bennett and Knox jokingly sparred on Twitter over who was stronger or faster. They can turn that motivation into the best personal training team in the city. You want to get bigger and go faster? You've got your guys. Just don't expect to do both at the same time.

    Offensive line -- security guards
    : If you have a building that's not all that important, and can be broken into 57 times, call the O-Line. They can't wait to not stop burglars.

    Julius Peppers -- Owner, Peppers' Pepper Emporium: Taking advantage of his name, Peppers follows his dream of finally starting a business that sells all the world's finest pepper. He insists on being the front man for the store and likes to use the pepper mill. He's kind of tall, so every time he demonstrates the mill, pepper flies into customers' faces instead of the food they're sampling, but no customer complains. After all, it's Julius Peppers, and he can tackle you with a dirty look.

    D.J. Moore -- barber
    : The owner of the best hair on the Bears could spin his look into a lucrative career as a barber. Moore had a breakout season in 2010, but who needs four interceptions for 95 yards when you can visit D.J.'s Corner Barber Shop?

    Lance Briggs -- limo driver: Actually, no. On second thought, we'll take the L. Good luck with your venture, Lance.

    Any other job suggestions? Tell us on Twitter.