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Bear Bites: The Real Marion Barber



    Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites.

    • According to friends, teammates and family, Marion Barber is a friendly, generous, funny man. He just won't talk to media. (Chicago Sun-Times)
    • Marshall Faulk says Jay Cutler's harsh words for Mike Martz are completely normal on a football field. (ESPN Chicago)
    • Devin Hester's success on special teams is translating into offense. (CSN Chicago)
    • The Bears are looking to make the most of their weekend in London. (Chicago Sun-Times)
    • British fans are hoping to make sure this trip is memorable for the Bears. (Chicago Tribune)
    • You should really watch this video of the Bears dancing on the plane to England as D.J. Moore sleeps. (TwitVid)

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