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Bear Bites: JayCav to Cabo



    Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, your Friday morning dose of Bears news.

    • Earlier this week, Jay Cutler did a charity fun run with kids. Now, he's headed to Cabo with his lady. (Twitter)
    • Robbie Gould, who sang the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley on Wednesday, blames the lockout on the owner's greed. (Chicago Tribune)
    • By using bye weeks cleverly, the NFL worked in the possibility of missed games into the first three weeks of the schedule. (ESPN)
    • If the lockout does end up canceling the NFL season, how much money will you save? Use this handy-dandy calculator to figure it out. (Sarah Sprague)
    • In the Ultimate Mock Draft, the Bears pick ... Jay Cutler? (Yahoo! Sports)

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