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Bear Bites: Jay Cutler's Good Day



    Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, your morning dose of Jay Cutler, erm, Bears news.

    • In case you missed the big news, Jay Cutler reportedly proposed to Kristin Cavallari while the two were vacationing in Cabo. A smart girl, she said yes to our QB and the 5.2 carat ring. (Grizzly Detail)
    • Oh, and the other big news from the NFL is that the federal judge lifted the owners lockout, meaning that the players could head to facilities as early as today. The NFL is appealing the ruling and looking for a stay that could put the lockout back on until the appeal is heard. In the meantime, the players get the PR edge, as they can truly show that they just want to work. (Yahoo! Sports)
    • In response, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed that is basically one, long whine. Read it, and then realize you're reading a rant against the free market in the Wall Street Journal. (Wall Street Journal)
    • Speaking of Rog, he'll do a video conference with fans at the Bears Expo this weekend. (
    • DeAngelo Hall, the Redskin who picked off Cutler four times in the regular season, called the QB a clown. Yes, the same Hall who was on a team that went 6-10. (Chicago Tribune)
    • Yes, Jim McMahon led the Bears to a Super Bowl win, but was that enough to make him a legend? (Windy City Gridiron)

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