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Bear Bites: It's Draft Day!



    Good morning and happy draft day! Enjoy your Bear Bites, chock-full of draft knowledge. (And other stuff, too.)

    • With the 29th pick, the Bears have to be flexible, so they have six players they are considering. (Yahoo! Sports)
    • Chris Harris talks about his draft day experience. (Hitman Harris)
    • About the lockout: The league lost its motion for a stay of injunction while a federal judge's order to lift the lockout was appealed. Read: the lockout is really, really lifted this time, and if the NFL doesn't start the league year, they could be in contempt of court. (Associated Press)
    • Richard Dent, who will represent the Bears at the draft tomorrow night, was hit with a $1 million tax lien for failure to pay federal taxes. He is cooperating with the IRS. (Chicago Sun-Times)
    • In hindsight, maybe that draft in 2008 wasn't so productive. (Chicago Tribune)

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