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Bear Bites: Cutler, Sacks and Too Much Time



    Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, all the Bears news you need to know.

    • Jay Cutler has been rightly criticized for creating his own sacks -- holding onto the ball for too long when pass rushers were after him. But hey! He's not the worst in the league at getting sacked after three seconds. He's third-worst! (NFL Fanhouse)
    • Jerry Angelo is leading 40 Bears staffers down to Indianapolis for the combine, where 300 prospective NFLers will go through interviews, physicals, running through cones, Chinese water torture, beauty, talent and a swimsuit contest to show their worthiness. (Some of those might not be true.) (
    • With the possibility of a roster bonus and his lack of starting time in 2010, the Bears have to make a decision about Tommie Harris' future with the organization. (Chicago Tribune)
    • Our topless rivals to the north are still weighing options on fixing or replacing the Metrodome, or even moving the Vikings to suburban Minneapolis. (Pioneer Press)

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