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Bear Bites: Carimi Edition



    Good morning, and welcome to a Carim-iffic version of Bear Bites, your round-up of Bears news.

    • In case you missed it last night, the Bears got their guy despite a flubbed traded. (Grizzly Detail)
    • Carimi was a good start, but now the rest of the work begins in the next five rounds of the draft and impending free agency. (Chicago Tribune)
    • The Bears aren't the only team who got their guy. The Lions picked up defensive lineman Nick Fairley. He and Ndamukong Suh are a terrifying pair. (Detroit Free-Press)
    • The failed trade was a "glitch" on the Bears part. Jerry Angelo apologized to the Ravens, but was happy that both teams got their men. (Chicago Tribune)
    • Day Two could be the perfect opportunity for the Bears to take a defensive tackle. (ESPN Chicago)
    • With the lockout lifted, barring any court interference, the Bears have scheduled their offseason activities. Rookie camp and voluntary workouts are in early May while mini-camp starts June 6. (Chicago Tribune)
    • ZOMG! Check out the ring that Jay Cutler gave Kristin Cavallari. I thought that the players were supposed to be saving their money during the lockout ... ? (TMZ)

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