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Anatomy of a Drive: Jets Fear the Hester



    The Bears win over the Jets turned on two plays. On one, the Jets showed a complete lack of knowledge of their opponent, and on the next, the Bears took advantage.

    Sanchez passed to Tomlinson to the right for 7 yard gain -- With good protection from his line, Sanchez threw a quick screen to Tomlinson to get near the first down. Julius Peppers' ineffectiveness on Sunday was on display here. Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland kept Peppers from getting within five feet of Sanchez. Then, when the ball was thrown, Peppers turned on a dime to catch Tomlinson, and couldn't get to him in time.

    Tomlinson rushed to the right for no gain -- After a handoff from Sanchez in the backfield, LT had nowhere to go, running into Israel Idonije and Lance Briggs. The defense's fortune started to change on this play.

    Sanchez incomplete pass to the left -- Briggs came through with another big play on third down, tipping Sanchez's pass that was intended for Santonio Holmes and would have been a first down.

    Sanchez incomplete pass to the right -- Here's the play that made you say, "Really, Jets?" They really wanted to keep the ball out of the hands of Devin Hester, but they forgot that Hester is just one part of the NFL's best special teams unit. A fake punt with the starting QB still on the field? Really? You thought that the Bears were going to fall for that? Come on. Hester pointed it out before the ball was snapped. Rashied Davis noticed Brad Smith was out of position, and got his hand on the ball, preventing a first down.

    This gave Chicago the ball on the New York 40-yard line when they were down by one touchdown. The Jets were afraid of Hester running it back for a touchdown. Sure, he didn't run one back on them, but in the very next play, Jay Cutler heaved a 40-yard touchdown pass to Johnny Knox to tie the game. The Bears did not give up the lead again after that.