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Anatomy of a Drive: Cutler Falls Short



    The Packers were up 17-7 inside the two-minute warning after the Bears defense held the Packers to a field goal. The Bears had the chance to cut the Packers' lead to 3 and pick up some momentum going into the half.

    • 1st-10, CHI20 1:51 J. Cutler passed to J. Knox to the left for 40 yard gain: With good protection, Cutler had time to find Knox, who had run his route perfectly and shook off Green Bay's Charlie Peprah to make the catch. This not only gave the Bears the first down, but put them into Green Bay territory.
    • 1st-10, GB40 1:43 J. Cutler passed to D. Sanzenbacher down the middle for 5 yard gain: The undrafted free agent is quickly becoming a favorite target of Cutler's, and this play showed why. He was able to make the catch even with Sam Shields on his back.
    • 2nd-5, GB35 1:19 J. Cutler passed to M. Forte down the middle for 28 yard gain: Though Forte is a threat to receive, Green Bay left him completely unblocked across the middle. He ran it to the seven-yard line, giving the Bears three chances to score. 
    • 1st-7, GB7 1:08 J. Cutler incomplete pass to the right: With B.J. Raji hanging on his leg, Cutler sent a dangerous pass to Sanzenbacher, who was defended by three Packers. The ball was nearly picked off by Jarrett Bush.
    • 2nd-7, GB7 1:03 J. Cutler incomplete pass down the middle: Again, Cutler passed through the middle of two Packers defenders towards Sanzenbacher. Cutler had the time and the protection to make the pass, he just didn't.
    • 3rd-7, GB7 0:59 J. Cutler incomplete pass to the left: With the Pack blitzing, Cutler overthrew Devin Hester.
    • 4th-7, GB7 0:49 R. Gould kicked a 25-yard field goal: As has been his job the past two seasons, Gould salvaged the Bears inability to get in the end zone by adding three to the Bears side of the scoreboard. 

    You may have noticed that the Bears did not try to run the ball even once in this drive. The Packers have some of the best run defense in the league, but it's puzzling that even in short yardage situations, the Bears wouldn't give Forte a single chance. Cutler was hurried in this drive, but was not sacked. He had time to throw the ball, but wasn't able to hit a single Bears receiver. Getting the ball close to the end zone just won't cut it if the Bears hope to win the NFC North.