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Anatomy of a Drive: Bears Steal Momentum from Cowboys



    Anatomy of a Drive: Bears Steal Momentum from Cowboys

    The momentum of the Bears win over the Cowboys changed with 2:44 remaining in the first quarter, when the Bears began a drive that would lead to their first touchdown of the game.

    Cutler to Taylor for no gain
    : After three possessions where Cutler had been sacked, hit, and run around the field, it looked like the quick dump to Taylor was for safety's sake. But it was a completion.

    Cutler to Hester for 19-yard gain: The Bears knew that they weren't going to stop DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer long enough to allow Cutler to run a seven-step drop. They switched it up, with Cutler only dropping back two steps before quickly throwing a short pass to Hester.

    Cutler to Olsen for 39-yard touchdown
    : With the Cowboys blitzing, Cutler dropped back two steps, then fired the ball to Olsen, right in the middle of the field. Though Olsen wasn't in heavy coverage when he made the grab, the Cowboys did collapse on him as he neared the end zone. Earl Bennett  gave an assist by making the block to allow Olsen into the end zone.

    What was so impressive about this drive is that the Bears made changes on the fly, and every member of the team quickly adjusted. Hester and Olsen both got open quickly. Bennett threw a beautiful block. Cutler, who is capable of a seven-step drop and throwing long bombs, happily threw shorter passes, allowing the receivers to compile yards after the catch.