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Anatomy of a Drive: Bears Pick Vick



    The Bears win on Sunday turned on a pivotal drive near the end of the first half. Chicago was up 14-13, and it seemed likely that the Eagles were going to have the lead going into halftime.

    L. McCoy rushed to the right for 2 yard loss
    -- D.J. Moore prevented McCoy from getting anywhere with the handoff from Vick. The rookie leads the Bears with four interceptions, but showed on this play that he is comfortable laying out a rusher.

    M. Vick passed to B. Celek down the middle for 9 yard gain -- Vick had plenty of time to get the ball to his tight end. Celek was stopped short of the first down by Pisa Tinoisamoa.

    M. Vick passed to J. Maclin down the middle for 5 yard gain -- The Missouri Tiger alum made up for Celek's shortcomings on the next play, stretching out to take Vick's pass just past the first down line.

    J. Harrison rushed to the right for 2 yard gain -- The Eagles only picked up 105 yards on the ground against the Bears. Harrison, who is capable of 100-yard games, was swarmed by the Bears D-line.

    M. Vick passed to J. Avant down the middle for 10 yard gain -- Vick had a comfortable pocket to work with and hit Chicago native Avant in the center of the field to pick up a first down.

    M. Vick passed to L. McCoy to the right for 14 yard gain
    -- The Eagles got into the red zone with a well-executed screen pass. Admit it. Were you starting to worry at this point?

    M. Vick passed to J. Harrison to the left for 4 yard gain -- Harrison moved the chains by catching a short slant pass that took the game to the two-minute warning. With the Bears only up by 1 and a full two minutes until halftime, it seemed inevitable that the Bears were going to lose the lead. Even if they couldn't get in the end zone, the Eagles have David Akers, one of the league's best kickers. The Bears needed a huge defensive stop.

    C. Harris intercepted M. Vick for 39 yards
    -- That's exactly what happened. Tommie Harris, who has been a non-entity on defense for much of the season, tipped the pass in the air and Chris Harris came down with it and returned the pass 39 yards. The ball was intended for Maclin, but he didn't have a chance at it. As soon as Tommie Harris got a hand on it, it was destined for a Bear's hands. Brian Urlacher was ready to catch it if Chris Harris didn't.

    After the INT, the Bears scored on a Jay Cutler pass to Johnny Knox, putting them ahead 21-13.

    The Bears gave up so many yards on this drive because, unlike earlier in the game, they weren't able to sack Vick, allowing the Eagles to easily pick up first downs. But what should give Bears fans hope is the fact that the defense was able to stop Vick with an interception, something no other team has been able to do.