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Why the Bears Shouldn't Worry About Their Run Game (Yet)



    Why the Bears Shouldn't Worry About Their Run Game (Yet)
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    Matt Forte

    The Chicago Bears are 3-0 for a lot of reasons.

    Their running game is not one of them.

    Starting running back Matt Forte has totaled 108 yards running.

    That's not an average. That's on the season. His average is 2.8 per carry.

    It's not just Forte. The team as a whole averages just 72 yards on the ground per game, which ranks among the bottom five of the NFL, and last week their quarterback, Jay Cutler, was the leading rusher with 37 yards.

    Where oh where has the running game gone?

    To start, the Mike Martz offense is pass-heavy, and with a quarterback like Jay Cutler, who can throw the ball down field with ease, it makes sense for the Bears to rely on the pass.

    Cutler has gotten the ball to Forte through the air.  In fact, Forte is just behind Johnny Knox (232 yards) in the receiving category for the season with 202.

    But that doesn't tell the whole story. The Bears haven't completely given up, making 22.7 attempts per game. Forte, Chester Taylor and the others just aren't breaking through, and the offensive line isn't opening the holes for the team.

    That isn't likely to change this Sunday when the Bears travel to New York to take on the 1-2 Giants. The G-Men have held their opponents to 410 yards rushing this season, and 508 yards through the air.

    Something's got to give, but there is no need for the Bears to push the run this week when the pass has worked fine.

    But that all changes when the weather turns cold and Lake Effect winds start blowing across Soldier Field.