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Adams, Harris Are Tweeting Pros



    We all need a little levity after the Bulls loss last night. Luckily, Bears Chris Harris and Anthony Adams were on fire on Twitter last night, and gave us something to laugh at.

    It started with defensive tackle Adams, who started to tweet "facts" about Chris Harris. He started with insults to Harris' breath, his love of double-dutch competitions, and his off-the-field fashions. He then went on to share such gems as,

    "@ChrisHarrisNFL still wears airbrushed rhinestoned jean jackets with pictures of him playing the flute,"

    "@ChrisHarrisNFL got turned down from Shake weight because of his BEFORE pictures,"

    "@ChrisHarrisNFL is so dumb coaches told him to line up at free safety, this dummy says,'Oh thats a good deal how much does it usually cost.'" and my favorite,

    " wears a belt with mesh shorts."

    Harris couldn't stand idly by, so he started in on Adams' weight and looks, saying that Adams uses a hula hoop as a belt and that Harris uses Adams' baby picture as an anti-theft device for his car. Harris also threw out this random tidbit, "Interesting fact about @spiceadams he watches My Little Pony on his iPad minutes before kickoff in the locker room."

    Finally, Harris gave in, saying, "Hey man u (sic) kept this thing interesting. I'm calling a truce. White flag is waving."

    What was fun about this Twitter exchange is that it gave fans a view of the team's locker room antics without actually having to spend time in the sweaty, smelly locker room. Harris admitted that these sorts of fun cut-ups are always going on at practices. If you aren't yet on Twitter, this glimpse inside the players' world is reason enough to join.

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